I guess it’s time to finally fill y’all in if you were curious about how school was going for me.
I went into PIMA medical institute a couple months ago and talked to a nice woman about starting school to be a veterinary assistant. She told me about the program and told me I had to take a test to be accepted into said program. Took it and passed with a better grade than I thought I was going to. We talked about grants and student loans and finally the dress code came up. I was told I’d have to wear long sleeve turtle necks, retainers in all of my facial piercings, cover my face tattoos with makeup and also wear gloves.. Yes GLOVES to cover my hand and finger tattoos. I decided to go with it and she was surprised by my attitude and willingness.
August 21st I went in for orientation, I had my photo taken, listened to everything they said and took notes. When the 25th came I dressed how I was supposed to, covered up everything and drove to school. Before I went inside I had a nervous breakdown and called my mom and friend. I didn’t feel like myself and it gave me so much anxiety. I look how I do because I’m comfortable that way. I finally mustered up enough courage to go inside. I went to class, everything went really well. We split into groups and took notes for a PowerPoint we had to present on Friday. Right before class ended I was called up and handed a note to go into one of the offices after class.
I walk in and there are two ladies I’ve previously met and talked to and one older man. He began to tell me how I looked was not okay. He pointed to my implants and told me that they were a health hazard because animals could pull them out. My SUBDERMAL silicone implants. I then told him that women get breast implants and it’s essentially the same thing. He went on about my piercings which then I pointed out the retainers that were in every single one of them. He talked down to me, made me feel like I wasn’t human and that the school didn’t want to send me out as one of their students during the externship. I cried a lot during this meeting and ended up excusing myself once. When I came back all three of them just stared at me. I told them about everything I had bought totaling to about 250$. One of the ladies asked if I had receipts and that they’d reimburse me for everything. Obviously I don’t have the receipts but I have very thing I bought and am willing to look the items up to prove the cost. I have emailed one of the women twice about the money and have had no response. It sucks that because I look different people treat me like I’m a bad person regardless of my attitude. So that’s that.

Wow. I’m so sorry. :((

I was hoping this had a happy ending. I know to some extent how it feels to have “modifications” and be treated less than others. In my nursing aide class I was told I could not have stretched ears at all. (No one bothered to tell me this while they took my $2000 which was out of pocket). I of course left my plugs out and was willing to close them to stay in the three month program. We had a strict no earring policy. Girls got away with huge hoops but I was talked down to for having holes with nothing in them. They got away with it in both clinical and classroom settings. In a lot of the programs if you have mods you’re treated less than human. It’s not fair. Most people could care less if I have big ears or tattoos, my job is to take care of them and make sure they shower.

This literally broke my fucking heart. I’m so upset by how the older generation finds it acceptable to treat someone as less of a person because of how they look, and how they are so close-minded to the idea of body modification and don’t understand that it isn’t an absolute indication of someone’s intelligence/work ethic/etc. This isn’t okay at all. I hate their ultra-conservative and judgmental ways (I saw it a lot in my nursing program too). I hope with all of my heart that this is a very uncommon occurrence 20 years from now.

wow. all i can say is just wow. it’s very rare that a post on this website upsets and infuriates me the way this one has.
that is absolute fucking bullshit. it’s not as if THEY’RE paying YOU to be there.. YOU are paying for an education, and an education is what you should get regardless of the way that you look.. not some snarky fucking ignorant ass attitude just because you don’t look the way every other same old boring person does. who the fuck are they to try and tell you that you can go and learn about something because you don’t look they way they want you to? what kind of shit is that? they’re basically telling you that you’re less capable because of the way that you look.. and that’s all kinds of fucked up.
i can only be thankful that this didn’t happen to me, because i would have lost my mind.
i’m not yet modified to the extent that this girl is, but i do plan to be some day, and i can not waaaaait for all the bullshit that will come with it. anytime i’m out, and an older person seems to be looking down on me for the way that i look, i always make a point to be overly nice to them just to make them feel like an asshole. 
i truly can’t believe that this is actually something that goes on. it’s fucking pathetic. 
i can only hope that something is done about this, because everyone deserves the right to an education as much as the next person does.

I’m wondering if there’s some sort of “higher up” she could go to about this. That just doesn’t seem right to me. Unfortunately prejudice is something that happens in the job force no matter what, but she didn’t get the chance to even make it to the job! She couldn’t even get in to the fucking school!?? Higher education is something you pay for yourself to get the schooling you need for the career you want; why is literally just how you look affecting that part of it? The fact that she literally couldn’t even start a SCHOOL blows my fucking mind. I’ve never heard of anything like this before in my life. I have personally experienced prejudice in the work place myself, but that was “the public workforce”. I was straight up told to my face that I was being demoted because I have finger tattoos, AFTER I had already been hired and worked there for a couple weeks. Body modifications aren’t for everyone and us who choose to get them are well aware of that. I haven’t heard of a school doing that though. Like, covering up, and wearing retainers is expected, but the fact that they pulled her aside and we’re just like, “nah” is straight wrong. She complied to their dress code so there shouldn’t have been any other issue. And the fact that they didn’t refund her money is sick! Close-minded ignorance isn’t going to make us change our life styles and damn well shouldn’t be keeping us from getting educations. Putting yourself out there in the workforce is hard enough as is. Dude, there has to be something she can do. I never add my two cents on Tumblr posts but this one just doesn’t sit right with me. Ugh..I hope I hear a positive update on this soon😕

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Changing my hair again soon!!🙏🙌👌😁

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ugh dude

ugh dude

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I wonder if I’ll ever actually have a genuine, lasting “best friend” lol

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To heights unknown | by: { Griffin Lamb }


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